Welcome to this “virtual museum”, dedicated to car and motorbike scale models, with a focus on sport and racing vehicles. This site is just the showcase of my own model car and bike collection, which I have put together over the last three decades.

“We are what we love. We are the things, the people, the ideas we spend our days with. They center us, they drive us, they define us to our very core.
Without them, we are empty.” — Daisy Whitney

As of today, my collection contains more than 2,000 models, of different types and scales. A big part of it (around 1,600 models) are model cars at 1:18 scale, while I have around 200 motorbikes, at scale 1:12. I have personally built some of these models from plastic or resine kits, but the vast majority are already built diecast models.


Since the very first model I acquired (a 1/18 red Ferrari 250 GTO from 1962), it was always my intention to showcase them in a suitable location, but at some point it became obvious I would run out of space, so right now about half my collection rests safely packed in their original boxes. This is when I developed the idea of a “virtual showcase”, i.e. this website.


I will organize my “virtual museum” around “categories”, which are actually the different collections that I use to group similar types of cars (and bikes). This is the complete list of collections that you will find in the website, as I gradually build it by adding a new page for each single model.


  • AMERICAN – grouping several American brands
  • AUDI
  • AUSTRALIAN – grouping several Australian brands
  • BMW
  • CORVETTE – dedicated to the Chevrolet Corvette series
  • MUSTANG – dedicated to the Ford Mustang series
  • ROAD – road car from miscellaneous brands
  • SKYLINE – dedicated to the Nissan Skyline / GTR series

BATHURST – winners and relevant models from the Bathurst 1000 race in Australia

BOAT – yes, a couple of racing boats found their way into my collection…

CAN-AM – racers in the famous Can-Am series in Nortgh America

FORMULA – Formula 1 cars (plus “friend & family”…)

PRE-FORMULA – formula cars pre-1950, when the F1 championship started

INDY – winners and other relevant models from the Indianapolis 500 race

INDY-R – racers from the IndyCar and similar formulas in North America

JÄGERMEISTER – race cars in the famous orange livery of this German brand

LE MANS – winners and relevant models from the most famous race in the world

RACE-GT – production-derived racers from different GT competitions around the world

RACE-JGTC – GT cars specifically from the Japanese GT Championship

RACE-SPORT – sport & prototype racers from different championships

RALLY – rally cars

SPECIAL – a couple of unclassifiable models…

SUPERCARS – this is a subset of “Sport” cars, with “the best from each family”…

VINTAGE – in general, cars from the period before the IIWW

And as I said at the beginning, there’s room as well for the two-wheels:

MOTO – road motorbikes (plus some scooters, off-road bikes…)

MOTO GP – road racing bikes from the FIM World Championship

MOTO SBK – road racing bikes from the Superbike Championship


Even if I have tried to make my collections as complete as possible, you will obviously find many relevant “misses” in most categories, and I’m sure many readers will miss their favourite brand, or type of car or bike. When a model not (yet) in the collection is worth mentioning, I will reference it. Please remember the focus of my collecting efforts: sport and racing cars and bikes. There are some models of other types, but I acquired them just because I liked them, not because they fitted clearly in one of the collections.

In terms of the scale models, you will find samples from practically every Maker in the world. My focus from this point of view has generally been set in “Quality” more than “Quantity”.

So, that’s enough for the introduction. If you have a question or comment about the website, please reach out using the “Contact” option at the top menu. There are “Reply” options everywhere, I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts and opinions. If you like what you see, please use the “Like” button at the end of the every page. Building the model descriptions will take time, so feel free to “Subscribe” to the website and you will receive an email update with every new post. Now, buckle-up and enjoy the ride!