I have just updated the indexes of this virtual museum. The indexes can be accessed through the blog’s top menu, and they are organized as follows:


There are 3 types of models (Cars, Boats and Motorbikes), grouped in 40 different collections. As I indicated in the F.A.Q., I have defined the “collections” using my very personal criteria.

At the time of writing this post, there are 1,966 scale models in the museum: 1,716 cars, 248 motorbikes and 2 boats.


There are 142 different car brands, 2 boat brands and 28 motorbike brands in the museum.

Porsche – Ferrari, an eternal duel also in this model car museum

Top of the car brands are Ferrari (245), Porsche (228) and BMW (93). As for the bikes, 70 are Honda, 42 Yamaha and 35 Ducati.

Honda, top of the motorbike brands

You will see that some brands form also a Collection (e.g. “Ferrari” is both a brand and a collection), however not all the models from the brand may be included in the collection (for instance, the Ferrari F1 models are included in the “Formula 1” collection, not in the “Ferrari” collection…) If you are not totally confused by now, you’ll be in a minute…


This index page will allow to “walk” the museum in a temporal sequence, starting at the “decade” level. The oldest model in the museum is from 1901 (a Mercedes-Benz Simplex 35 PS), while the newest additions are from 2016 (a car: the Dallara Honda driven by Alexander Rossi to victory in the 2016 Indy 500, and a motobike: the Honda RC213V of MotoGP World Champion Marc Márquez). This chart shows the distribution of models by decade:


The Simplex (1:18 Distler Mercedes-Benz exclusive B6-604-0330) and the Honda RC213V (1:12 Minichamps 122-161193) are possibly the two “extreme points” of the museum: other than both having tyres and an internal combustion engine, these two vehicles, separated by 115 years of frantic technology evolution, couldn’t be more different…

Scale / Maker

Finally, there’s an index for the model makers, organized by type (Car / Boat / Motorbike) and scale.

As for cars, you will see this is essentially a 1:18 museum, with 1,698 models from 66 different brands. The “king” is Minichamps, with 340 car models at 1:18 scale, followed by AutoArt with 268 and Kyosho with 119. Then there are 12 1:12 car models from 7 different brands and a bunch of oddities (a 1:4 model engine, a 1:16 Indy 500 car and a couple 1:20 models.

In terms of motorbikes, there’s a big 1:6 model from Minichamps, a maker that is also the “king” of motorbikes at 1:12 scale, with 136 units. 10 model makers provide these 1:12 scale bikes. There are also a couple bikes in similar but not identical scale: two 1:10 models by Schuco.

I intend to develop the detailed index pages over time, as keeping everything in sync is a very time consuming work. The last level of the indexes will land on the individual model pages, which will be gradually created as “posts” in this website.

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